Ultra Wide Angle: Put the Camera Near the Ground and Pray for The Best

Water games in Pasila. Now there’s no water, I wonder if originally these statues were surrounded by it?

Tilt & swivel LCD would be so useful with ultra wide angle lenses. Composing photos like this through the viewfinder would require very uncomfortable crawling on the ground and I’m lazy unless there’s a huge photo opportunity.

Somehow I’d still like to press the button when I like the composition instead of relying on luck. It’s not very flattering that my keeper rate goes up in images that I take WITHOUT looking at the viewfinder/LCD…

2 thoughts on “Ultra Wide Angle: Put the Camera Near the Ground and Pray for The Best

  1. Nice shot – that’s the nice thing about digital…. stick out your camera and shoot until you get one you like. Don’t be shy about the delete key.

    Thanks for shairng.

  2. Hi. I’m Maija Nuotio’s daughter and I just stumbled to this beautiful photo browsing the web. I’d like to comment about the water situation…I visited my mum’s sculpture with my youngest son and my brother and his family year 2011 and noticed how the pool of water and the water fountain was not working anymore. We were standing in a plenty of rain though, but it was a bit sad that the sculpture’s real nature could not be seen. Mind you, I live currently in Australia and made a long trip from “down under” to pay respect to my parent’s many efforts to make their hand print in the tapestry of time. My Father is also a Finnish sculptor, Taisto Martiskainen..you might have photographed his works also in Helsinki. I wish the country of my origin would look after it’s “treasures” a bit better.

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