1st Anniversary of Learning to See in Helsinki Photoblog

One year and about 300 published photos later it is time to look at the blog’s goal:

To understand better what is a good photograph and to improve my skills so that in the future I would be able to take one.

My understanding and skills increased in 2012 but the photos I took don’t contain enough of the Elements of a Good Photo that I listed (e.g. reaction, story, subject, moment, visual, …).  Today I still agree with the text which is a disappointment as I hoped to learn something fundamentally new. I can see progress but how much progress there should be in a year so that one could be happy?

Have a look at my personal favourite photos from 2012 and most liked photos (Added 02-Jan-13)

By March 31st I will publish a pilot version of something that combines photography, story-telling, Helsinki and Android apps. This blog will also continue in 2013 with a stronger focus on learning.

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