Fiat Lux


I started this blog two years ago to raise the level of my photography. For the first 1.5 years it worked but for 2014 I need to raise the bar again but make it also more fun. From practical point of view I need to be able to take better photos using less time and less exposures.

Most importantly I need to follow the best photography advice ever given: If you want your pictures to be better, stand in front of more interesting stuff. As a guideline for this blog I wrote Elements of a Good Photo. The progress I’ve made is mostly in supporting elements Visual and Technical Execution but not in the core. Too much photography for photography’s sake.

So what will change? I’ve given myself time till March to figure that out. Till then, this blog won’t be as active as it used to be.

PS. Personal favourites 2013 gallery is coming.

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