See Historical Helsinki Photos On Your Phone While Walking in the City


Imagine if you could stroll around in the city and your phone would automatically show you what the place looked like in the past. Well, that’s just what I did today!

While one of Helsinki’s oldest buildings looks about the same as in 1909…
…Simonkatu street is very different compared to 1907.

The app is still experimental and so far I’ve added only a handful of Signe Brander’s photos. She’s the best-known early photographer of Helsinki.

Many Helsinki photos and other images just became available through Helsinki City Museum’s archive using Creative Commons licensing (CC BY-ND 4.0).

What happens next? I have to carefully think what one man could do in his free-time or what kind of co-operation I could do with others. I’m open to suggestions.

7 thoughts on “See Historical Helsinki Photos On Your Phone While Walking in the City

  1. The app is still under development so unfortunately it is not downloadable at the moment.

    The photos are all available through the linked Helsinki City Museum archive. It’s in Finnish but the big search field (Hae…) should be obvious for non-speakers as well.

  2. Hi! We at Helsinki City Museum are thrilled to see how people use our archives opened at Great work! We’d love to tell about your project on our Facebook and Twitter accounts – maybe some useful contacts or ideas might be found that way?

    Best wishes
    Reeta Holma
    Helsinki City Museum

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