During the last 10 years I’ve been on the road for about a year in about 40 countries. One day I looked at all the awful photos and wondered what I could have in my archives if I actually would know even the basics of photography.

I publish this blog in order to understand better what is a good photograph and to improve my skills so that in the future I would be able to take one.

I have made blog entry categories for the elements that in my opinion create a good photograph. Ideally a photo I post here should belong to as many categories as possible but  since this is about learning many photos will concentrate only on one aspect.

In August 2008 I started Helsinki According to PPusa photo blog and published an image every single day for two years. The blog is still active but I post less frequently.

You can also find me in Twitter.

“This photoblog shows view of the Finnish capital that are both vivid and peaceful” – thisisFINLAND

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Your photos are great. But how do you feel about the finnish law about photography in public places? You’re allowed to photograph anyone, but you are not allowed to publish the photo unless you ask for a permission from that person. Obviously a photo with lots of people is different, but in in a lot of your photos you have individual people who are easily recognized from the photos, so unless you asked every single one of them for a permission you’re basically breaking the law.

    Personally I think it’s pretty shitty law as I do photography myself and constantly have to break it in order to get photos I want. Now privacy on private property and homes is a different thing and that I can respect.

  2. In Finland you can publish photos of people taken in public places in this kind of blog as long as their privacy is not compromized or they are not insulted or you break some other kind of law. An unnamed person eating ice cream on the street should be ok but a photo indicating that someone is HIV positive probably wouldn’t be – especially if her name is included in the text.

    If these photos would be used in an advertisement, a permission from the person would be required.

    I’ve linked to every good resource about photographer’s rights in Finland that I’ve found at https://learnsee.wordpress.com/learning-resources/ under “Valokuvaajan oikeuksista”

  3. I just love your photos! I’m born in Helsinki, but living in Sweden since 1962 (oon siis vanha ämmä…). It’s so interesting to see my birth town through your eyes (= camera lens) – some things are still the same, and so much is all new to me. These photos would do very well in a book about Helsinki, like a tourist guide. If you publish one (or more?), please send it to me. Thanks a lot. :-)

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